A special homage to the amazing women of Tafelmusik

This International Women’s Day, we would like to take a moment to celebrate all the amazing and intelligent women who have appeared both onstage and off over the years here at Tafelmusik. Their contribution has been an essential part in making Tafelmusik what it is today and we are proud to consider them family members.

We could literally spend hours honouring all the strong and vibrant women who have graced the stage and hallways of our office but here are a few that have influenced the course of Tafel history for the better.

Tricia Baldwin was the Managing Director of Tafelmusik from 2000 to 2014. During her tenure, Tafelmusik enjoyed a prolific and prestigious period on the world stage, including 57 provincial, national and international tours. Her tenure has also seen the development of audiences and artists through the renovation of Trinity-St. Paul’s Centre, and the expansion of programming into Koerner Hall and the George Weston Recital Hall. Her relentless efforts permitted Tafelmusik to successfully launch its very own Tafelmusik Media label in 2012.

Ottie Lockey was Tafelmusik’s Managing Director for close to 20 years, from 1981 to 2000. During her tenure, she helped Tafelmusik establish itself as one of the country’s most highly regarded musical organizations and greatest cultural exports. Her devotion to Tafelmusik permitted our Orchestra and Chamber Choir to secure a wide and loyal audience, an extensive catalogue of recordings, and an international touring network.

 Alison Mackay, violone and double bass

Alison joined Tafelmusik in 1979 and is the creative brain behind our now world-famous multimedia presentations. Some audience favourites include The Galileo Project, House of Dreams, Bach: The Circle of Creation, and Tales of Two Cities, to name but a few. Much of Tafelmusik’s international appeal in recent years has been made possible by Alison’s inexhaustible creativity. Her contribution to orchestral life in Canada has been honoured with the Betty Webster Award in 2013.

Charlotte Nediger, Harpsichord, Organ

Charlotte joined the orchestra in 1980 at age 21 has called Tafelmusik home ever since. Besides sharing her musical skills onstage, Charlotte is very active behind the scenes occupying the role of Assistant to the Music Director, Librarian, and Programme Editor. She also oversees Tafelmusik’s successful Summer and Winter institute. Her devotion on stage and off not only inspires, but also helps build tomorrow’s generation of period performers.

Christina Mahler (cello), Cristina Zacharias (violin), Geneviève Gilardeau (violin), Julia Wedman (violin), Patricia Ahern (violin), and Aisslin Nosky (former Tafelmusik violin)

Needless to say that the contribution of these talented women has truly been part of Tafelmusik’s local and international prestige. Exquisite music lives at the heart of Tafelmusik and and in the hearts of these gifted women.

Soprano: Michele DeBoer, Brenda Enns, Emma Hannan, Francine Labelle, Carrie Loring, Meghan Moore, Susan Suchard | Alto: Kate Helsen and Valeria Kondrashov.

Today we also celebrate the brilliant women of our choir. Through the gift of their combined voices, the Tafelmusik Chamber Choir has gathered worldwide praise and accolades. It is no surprise that Tafelmusik programs involving our Chamber Choir attract audiences in great numbers. We owe this success in part to these accomplished women.

Carol Campbell, Front of House, Volunteer & Events Manager

If you have come to one of our concerts, you have surely seen Carol, who has been with Tafelmusik for over 30 years. She has been responsible for running our front-of-house during concerts, as well as managing our army of happy volunteers. The care and attention Carol puts into making concerts run as smoothly as possible is an essential ingredient in keeping our audience happy and coming back year after year.

Beth Anderson, Director of Artistic Administration & Operations

Beth has been with Tafelmusik since 2003. Her role is essential in putting together and running a season of programming. On tour, she is indispensable: getting from A to B may sound simple, but not when travelling with an orchestra! She brilliantly ensures that every detail is in place. As one of our more senior staff members, she has become a reference for historical notes and also contributes to maintaining a reassuring environment for newer employees to thrive in.

Jeanne Lamon, Music Director Emerita

We of course could not complete our homage to the women of Tafelmusik without mentioning Jeanne Lamon, who was Music Director of Tafelmusik from 1981 to 2014. Jeanne Lamon has been praised by critics in Europe and North America for her strong musical leadership and has won numerous awards. In 2000, Jeanne was appointed a Member of the Order of Canada, and in 2014, a Member of the Order of Ontario. Her remarkable legacy to Tafelmusik and Toronto is undeniable.

In February 2017, Tafelmusik officially appointed Elisa Citterio as its new Music Director. Elisa was the unanimous choice of both the orchestra and search committee. We are thrilled to be welcoming yet another inspiring and talented woman to our family.


Cheers to all women in our Tafelmusik family, onstage and off, in our audience both locally and internationally. Today, our music honours you.

By Réjean Tremblay, Senior Manager of Digital Marketing and Sales

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