The Hearn is turned on – Luminato Festival launches

We didn’t know what to expect.

Well, I suppose we had some idea. Managing Director William Norris and some intrepid musicians had visited the Hearn Generating Station during colder times, to see if performing there would be a possibility. But words are different than experiences, and so we had to see it for ourselves at the Luminato Opening party.

As a co-worker and I walked east, we reached Cherry Street and went south. This is an area I think few people visit, and it was exciting to see a different view of the city from the old port lands. After a few wrong turns and meeting some of the local wildlife, we made it to Unwin Ave. Looming ahead of us, like something out of Lord of the Rings, was an illuminated tower, marking the Hearn.

At the entrance, we were told ‘Don’t Look Back’, as if to give us confidence that yes, we were in the right spot, and yes, we would enjoy what was inside. And we weren’t disappointed.

Whatever you say, large mural!
Local wildlife – a bunny!

From the mood lighting to the various art installations (how about a huge disco ball? Why not?), we were sucked into another world. A world that Tafelmusik will be entering June 19, performing on the music stage in the heart of this cavernous treasure. It is so incredible to think that our special and supremely talented orchestra will be presenting such beautiful baroque music in this industrialized, once-abandoned setting. This type of event is what is making Toronto such an exciting place to be.

Tafel Takeover – Orchestra performance June 19, and members of the Choir perform June 22 in Song of Extinction.

You’ll have to see it (and hear it) to believe it.

Tim Crouch
Marketing Manager

Tickets for Tafelmusik at Luminato June 19 at 7:20pm are just $25 and are available here.

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