Tafelmusik travels downtown

Members of Tafelmusik headed downtown to perform at the Four Seasons Centre as part of the Free Concert Series at the Richard Bradshaw Amphitheatre. With harpsichord in tow the musicians and staff braved TTC shutdowns and the snowy arrival of March to perform at a packed venue for fans of all ages.

The final bow stroke!
Final bowstroke (and a hidden Charlotte Nediger behind Stefano)

The concert was a really interesting exploration of the connections between the countries of Europe in the baroque age, most notably composition teachers and their students. And of course our musicians performed it all brilliantly with their usual joy and zest.  There was even a chance afterwards for students in the audience to come up and learn about the instruments.

Inquisitive Students
Learning about baroque instruments with Felix Deak and Julia Wedman

Major props to our intrepid five musicians: Julia Wedman and Christopher Verrette on violin, Stefano Marcocchi on viola, Felix Deak on ‘cello (a last minute sub-in, so he gets extra props), and Charlotte Nediger on harpsichord (also extra props, for letting some of the children play Mary had a Little Lamb on the keyboard).

And Thank You’s must go out to the team at the Canadian Opera Company – they’re great fun to work with!

Tim Crouch, Marketing Manager

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