Welcome to Breaking Baroque!


William_Norris_by_Michael Chapman2
Photo by Michael Chapman

So here we are, the first post on our shiny brand new blog, Breaking Baroque. First, thank you to all of you who voted on the blog’s name – we ended up with three titles racing ahead – Tafel Talk, Bach Stage and Breaking Baroque were all top choices for you, and we settled on Breaking Baroque back here at Tafel Towers.

Getting you to vote on the blog’s name was a little indication of how we mean to go on with the blog – while Tafelmusik staff and musicians will be busy writing entries, we hope there will be plenty of opportunities to involve you, our readers, as well. We want this to be a place to comment on blog posts, to stimulate debate, to get feedback, and to hear about your musical passions.

So what are we going to be featuring on the blog? Well it’s going to be a real mix and will, I’m sure, evolve as we go along. For sure we’ll be continuing our popular tour blogs, but we’ll also be delving into aspects of our repertoire, and giving you a glimpse behind the scenes – what does it take to get an orchestra like Tafelmusik on stage for example? What do all the people behind the scenes do? How does a tour get together, and what goes into the making of one of our complex multi-media productions? Occasionally we might also post opinion pieces and comment on the classical music scene generally – or even the wider arts scene.

You’ll be hearing, hopefully, from all parts of Tafelmusik. From the orchestra, choir, and guest artists to members of the staff and perhaps even our incredible legion of volunteers.

We hope you enjoy reading Breaking Baroque – welcome!

William Norris
Managing Director